Black Skull FB, On the March Vol 2



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01 Green Grass, Orange & Blue, Blackmans Dream
02 National Emblem
03 Craigavon, 5th November, Colossus
04 The Thunderer
05 Lindsay Mooney, Old Sash, Hot Asphalt
06 Green Sleeves, Ghostriders, In the Summer
07 St. Louis Blues March
08 The Lass of Bonaccor
09 Star of Co. Down, Old Orange Flute, Rathfriland
10 Stars and Strips forever
11 Road to the Isle’s, Cock of the North, 100 Pipers, Donald Dhu
12 King Cotton
13 The Sash, Derry’s Walls
14 Her Bright Smiles
15 San Lorenzo
16 Star of Rabbie Burns, Red Rose