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Union Jack Shop

Union Jack Shop

The Union Jack shop has been trading for many years now. It first started trading from the band hall of the Protestant Boys East Belfast in Townsley Street. Slowly but surely business picked up as more and more products became available for loyalist shoppers. Due to the expanding range of cloths, band materials and flags etc the shop sought and obtained bigger and better premises on the main Newtownards Road. Again the shop proved to be too small and we moved to our present premises.

Several years ago the shop decided to go online. This to has evolved from what started out to be a simple website into this latest version. The site has had some 4 makeovers and now sells products across the world. In addition customers can now order online using their credit card safe in the knowledge that their credit card details are secure.

Not only do we sell products but we in our own way put the loyalist message across as best we can. One of the ways we do that is by taking people from across the globe on tours of loyalist areas. Giving customers an intimate tour explaining to them the thinking and detail behind our murals.

The shop does not support any paramilitary group and operates independently.

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